A New Kind of Leather Goods



CACTA is a one-woman show operating in a small studio in SE Portland. After seeing the waste and harmful practices from working in the leather industry, Jess wanted to find a better way.

A high demand for cowhide leather products leads to an increase in the polluting chemicals that are part of the leather tanning process. She wanted to find a new way to approach leather products with a waste-free, earth friendly practice.




Why Cactus Leather?

CACTA products are exclusively made from environmentally friendly, sustainably produced cactus leather. The leather is made from organically grown Nopal or prickly pear cactus, and was developed by the company Desserto, based in Mexico.

Cactus is a natural carbon sink, so absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. The USDA-certified organic farm has no irrigation system, the cacti grow naturally through absorbing humidity and rain water.

The production process involves cutting mature leaves, leaving the cactus to continuously grow. To produce the leather, the cuttings are then mashed and dried in the sun. From there it is mixed with vegetable-based materials to form a durable, PVC-free vegan leather.